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Lifestyle/Fashion – “Shoot & Tell”

April 5th, 2010

I take a lot of bad photos and sometimes that is exactly what it takes to get the image that works.  Too many photographers look at bad photos as failures, not opportunities to learn.  These are the photos that take me a step towards the ideal image. The following video shows all 1579 images I took while working a recent fashion shoot.

Casey Templeton Photography - Fashion

Casey Templeton Photography - Fashion

Casey Templeton Photography - Fashion

Casey Templeton Photography - Fashion

Casey Templeton Photography - Fashion

Casey Templeton Photography - Fashion

I had the pleasure of working on this fashion shoot with art director Justin Vaughan, of Richmond Magazine, who gave me extreme freedom to pour my style into the project.  I also worked with stylist Molly Todd and models Mendy St. Ours and Nick Vitale, who were provided by Modelogic Wilhelmina.  You can view this project in print on Richmond Magazine’s Issuu.

View the Carytown Guide on Issuu

17 Responses

  1. Shaun Ward says:

    Great work Casey
    Although these are great original images they have your unique style stamped all over them. Love the photobooth idea, I may borrow that one.


  2. Chris W says:

    I had the pleasure of watching this guy (Casey) work his magic that day at the shoot and working as his assistant. It was an awesome experience and you got one heck of a talent there bud!

  3. michael says:

    Hi Casey,

    Great photos and great concept. well done.

    best wishes,


  4. jenny says:

    casey – i am a fan of your work and i LOVED watching the video… that’s a lot of hard work and you got some amazing photos. and… the video made me love richmond even more than i already do.

  5. Peter Korshak says:

    I wonder how you would have fared in the film days. The following may be harsh, but I only say this because I see some promise.

    You have some technique down, but can’t say I’m all that impressed by your photographic skill – if this is how you approach every shoot. Tons of shots are badly exposed, crooked, focused incorrectly, and not composed very well. Only .005% of your shots ended up being selects. Might as well just shoot with a RED camera and pull frame-grabs at that point. Being a good photographer just isn’t about shooting thousandths of frames and ‘getting lucky’ with a few as you did here – those people are a dime a dozen. I think you bragging about how you take thousandths of bad shots isn’t the best thing for you to say.

  6. Casey says:

    Peter. Thanks for your comment. A little off, but thanks for taking a look.

    A few things:
    – I did just fine on film
    – I posted every single photo for precisely the purpose of showing I don’t just take nice photos, I also take out of focus, blurry, poorly exposed, etc.
    – “Getting Lucky,” seriously?
    – Bragging, no. Transparency, yes.
    – Feel free to share some of your work as well.

    Thank you again for stopping in.


  7. Shaun Ward says:

    Not wanting to turn your blog into a forum but take negative comments as what they are.
    I have watched your work since your CPOY win when you images first caught my eye and I come back to your blog and website frequently as I know you will always produce photos that are creative and of high quality.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Shelly U. says:

    So, I know I’m not a professtional… but I like to go by that theory that art is good if you (the viewer) enjoys it. It doesn’t have to be technically difficult or perfect – it just has to have merit to the viewer. I loved LOVED this “video”. Even your “bad” photos tell such a great story.

    Awesome bad job.

  9. aside from some of the comments, i have to say i really enjoyed the photos. i love when people post up videos along with the images, it gives you a chance to have some insight on their working process, which to mean is just as important as the final images. as for “getting lucky”, as photographers, we all get a little lucky, but those of us who succeed, have talent, and know what they need to do to get the photos the client needs. oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt to be a great business man.

    i really like the photo booth shots, i’m assuming these were taken with a hanging peice of fabric, not the actual photo booth. i’d say my fav is the women in the shoe store, i really like all the shattered shelves, and how you’ve framed her head within the mirror, obviously intentional, i’ve read your interviews. haha.

  10. Marianne says:

    You are going places my friend. This was a joy to watch. No “getting lucky” in these shots. Sometimes I think being able to recognize the ones that will continue to speak to you over time – and often say more the longer you gaze at them is one of your greatest talents.

  11. ryan young says:

    one of the coolest, most novel “behind the scenes” photoblog entries i have ever seen. totally interesting, informative and inspirational. you have a new fan.

  12. My friend Chris Scott mentioned you & how much he likes your work, and man… I am not disappointed. ESPECIALLY with this post. I truly appreciate your openess in sharing all of your images & it’s really insightful for me as a wedding photographer looking to venture more into lifestyle + fashion. Thanks for the post & I hope to meet you whenever you’re in Nashville again!

  13. Kristen says:

    fun, good vibe, makes me happy.

  14. […] for all his black and white movies, and Casey Templeton, who laid out the template of my video in a former blog post of his.  None of these pictures are meant to be good, their sole purpose is practice!  […]

  15. Barrett says:

    This thread is a little older, but I was curious, on a shoot such as this, working with an art director, how many images did you edit down to, to present to Justin Vaughn, for him to make selects from?
    Do you use a online gallery, or submit work to them directly and then go back and forth via email with selections?
    Just trying to get an idea of the business behind the imagery.
    Thanks for posting, and keep up the amazing work!


  16. Casey says:

    I narrowed it down to probably 100 images for the art director. I present them in a web gallery format then FTP the selections.
    Thanks for checking them out!

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